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Required documentation TIR

The procedure for admission to the TIR system and the required documents.

The transporters interested in admission to TIR system should submit the following documents to TIR Department at the Chamber of Economy:

- Certified copy of Decision on company registration (issued by Commercial Court of Montenegro)

- Certified license for performing international transport of goods (issued by Transport Directorate of Montenegro)

- Balance sheets and income statement for 2011 and 2012;
- Evidence on the knowledge of the TIR convention/TIR procedure.

After submitting completed documents, the Association will fill in the Form for obtaining license by customs bodies and submit it to the Custom Administration of Montenegro. The custom bodies would check if the applicant didn’t commit several serious offences against the custom or tax laws. 

When the Custom Administration approves the admission to TIR system, the transporter shall submit the admission guarantee in the amount of 5000 USD in form of bank guarantee.

Then, the transporter shall sign two copies of the Declaration of engagement in the TIR Department. One copy is kept by the transporter, while the other remains in the TIR Department File. Also, the applicant will receive the copy of manual for holders of TIR carnet along with certificate which he will sign stating that he has received it and agrees to comply with the rules. 

Documents which also must be submitted by the transporter to the TIR Department are as follows: 
- Form of transporter admission to the TIR system (data on transport company) 
- Form for vehicles (vehicles which the transporter select the transport of goods in the TIR system); 
- Authorization for TIR Carnets (the data on at least two people who will take over/ return TIR carnet to the TIR Department should be filled in)

- Details about the bank (fill in information about your bank).

If You are interested in the admission to TIR system, please contact us by phone 020/230-706 or by email in order to arrange meeting in TIR department and give necessary information. 

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