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Business cooperation between Montenegro and Argentina should be enhanced


The Ambassador of Argentina H.E. Estanislao A. Zawels visited the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and on that occasion met with the Chamber President Vlastimir Golubović. The interlocutors discussed the opportunities for encouraging the economic cooperation between the two countries.

They agree that, although the two countries cherish very good political relations, the foreign trade is very modest, amounting to EUR 2.5 million in 2019. The tourist turnover could be increased, considering that last year our country was visited by slightly less than 2,000 guests from Argentina, who realized 4.5 thousand overnight stays. No Argentine investments in the Montenegrin economy have been recorded since the restoration of independence.

- I would like to encourage investors from Argentina to invest in agriculture, energy sector and tourism, says Golubović.

Ambassador Zawels assessed that the economic potentials of Montenegro need to be more strongly recognized by the Argentine business community. According to him, cooperation can be achieved not only in terms of the trade growth between the two countries, but the joint investments of their businessmen as well.

- We believe joint-ventures would bring benefits to the Argentine and Montenegrin businessmen and create new jobs - said Zewels.

There are plenty of opportunities to encourage cooperation between the two countries. The two chambers, in cooperation with diplomatic missions, will work on organizing the business forum at the Novi Sad Fair next year - it was concluded at the meeting.

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