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TIR SYSTEM is an international transit system for road transport of goods, based on TIR Convention, which entered into force in1975. There are 68 contracting parties of the TIR Convention, and 58 of them are TIR operational.

What is TIR carnet?
"TIR carnet" is an international transport document which allows the transport of goods in the shortest period of time within the customs territory without additional procedures and under the TIR Convention.  

On the basis of the Convention and as one of the main pillars of TIR system, TIR carnet represents a type of insurance of goods when it is transported and therefore the safest system in transport.

TIR carnet may have 4, 6, 14 and 20 vouchers.  

The objectives of TIR carnet are the following:
- Simplification and harmonization of customs procedures; 
- Cost reduction; 
- Faster flow at border crossings; 
- Transport of goods under customs supervision

Under the TIR System the goods are carried in sealed load compartments of vehicles or in containers which are periodically subjected to strictly prescribed regime (the vehicles are checked by the Customs Administration of Montenegro); the TIR carnet accompanies the goods, as a confirmation of the implemented control measures at the departure customs office, and the protection of transit countries in terms of duties and taxes en route is guaranteed by International Guarantee Chain. The Chambers of Economies of the member states are usually the authorized issuers of TIR carnet. 

TIR Department at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro was established on January 15, 2008.

Benefits of TIR system are as follows:

- reduced costs of transport, formalities as well as delays in transit

- it facilitates movement in transit by applying standard regulations and documentation 

- it encourages the development of international trade as an end result

- reduced delays and the costs of the transport

- reduced need for physical inspection of the goods in transit.

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