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Managing Board

The Managing Board shall be the managing body of the Chamber, which shall:

  • consider the proposal of the Statutes of the Chamber and proposals of general acts passed by the Assembly of the Chamber;
  • consider the proposals of economic policy measures and take views and give opinions to the competent authorities; monitor and analyze economic trends globally and in individual economic sectors; consider and evaluate proposals of current economic policy measures in terms of their impact on the business conditions and development of economic activities, and define views during drafting of sectoral development strategies;
  • determine the views and proposals for the participation of the Chamber in the preparation of laws and regulations in the field of economic system, development and economic policy, and give opinions on the draft laws and proposals to the laws and other regulations in the fields of interest to the members of the Chamber;
  • make decisions on the establishment of bureaus, agencies, centers etc., within the Chamber;
  • decide on the establishment and recalling of the representative offices abroad;
  • pass the general acts of the Chamber the passing of which does not fall under the competence of the Assembly of the Chamber,
  • harmonize the common interests of branch associations;
  • decide on buying and selling real estate, as well as the use and disposal of immovable property of the Chamber,
  • perform other activities falling under the scope of the activity of the Chamber which do not fall under the competence of the Assembly of the Chamber. 

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