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Good from Montenegro

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro launched a project in 2008 regarding visual labeling of Montenegrin products " Good from Montenegro". It is based on the results of the analysis carried out by the Chamber of Economy on trade exchange of Montenegro with foreign countries during the last few years. The analysis showed substantial, continuous and increasing foreign trade deficit in trade and service exchange. 
Such trends also are characteristic for those segments, especially food processing, where Montenegro abounds with natural resources and long tradition, which is why they have specific features and what makes them original products.

Registration of the collective trademark GOOD FROM MONTENEGRO, as well as the overall activities (analysis and campaign), shall be implement by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in order to produce the following effects:
• to promote domestic resources and stimulate their use,
• to develop domestic production,
• to increase export,
• new investments,
• new jobs,
• to strengthen the identity of the State through promoting traditional values (products and services) in tourist facilities,
• basic economic and social development of Montenegro.
The basic goal of registration of collective trademark GOOD FROM MONTENEGRO includes distinctiveness, quality and successful placement on domestic and foreign market.

All these activities serve to make an impact on the domestic producers to adopt the criteria of the international market, raise the products quality and make business operation more economical in order to become successfully competitive with the imported products in the domestic market in terms of competitive prices and quality and secure the road to export.
To achieve this goal it is necessary to influence on the improvement of knowledge in the field of marketing and the introduction of appropriate standards.

The campaign strategy
The strategy and objectives of marketing campaign underline all advantages of production, promotion and purchase of high-quality domestic-Montenegrin products.
The Establishment of the system GOOD FROM MONTENEGRO:
• through protection of intellectual property rights and implementation of the Law on Trademarks, creates the trade brand which strives to achieve the highest European standards in production/product quality,
• contributes to consumer trust in the quality of domestic products, protection and high-quality business operations of domestic producers and better placement of products in the domestic market,
• Through suggestion and concrete examples underlines that precisely defined standards of production and quality should represent the ultimate precondition for the distinctiveness and successful placement of Montenegrin products on international markets

Target groups
The aim of the campaign GOOD FROM MONTENEGRO is to boost the entire Montenegrin public and directly addresses to:
• producers,
• consumers (the widest target group of citizens/consumers, hotels, restaurants, tourists)
• trade networks, wholesale and retail trade facilities,
• domestic distributers.

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