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The Council for awarding the trademark (the Council)

The Council shall decide on the awarding and revocation of the right to use the trademark, establish the list of experts for the members of technical committee for certain products and services, appoint the president and vice-presidents of technical committee, set the amount which should be paid in order to cover the expenses for considering requests in the procedure of awarding or the extension of rights to use the trade mark, determine the fee for the right to use the trade mark (license)  and the fee for the members of technical committees and perform other tasks in accordance with Rulebook on collective trade mark.  

The members of the Council shall be appointed by the board of management.

The following members are appointed in the Council for awarding the trade mark regarding visual labeling/branding of Montenegrin products GOOD FROM MONTENEGRO:

1. Velimir Mijuskovic, the president of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, the president of the Council and members:
2. Ljiljana Filipovic, Vice-President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro,
3. Zoran Perisic, assistant minister in Ministry for economic development,
4. Branimir Vujacic, Secretary in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management,
5. Rada Markovic, chief market inspector in Ministry of Economy,
6. Vlastimir Golubovic, the President of the Assembly of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro,
7. PhD Milorad Jovovic, the dean of the Faculty of Economy,
8. Novak Adzic, director of Intellectual Property Rights Office,
9. Ljiljana Cetkovic Maras, National Tourist Organization,
10. pHd Dragan Lajovic, director of Development Fund
11. Ljiljana Vuksanović, senior adviser in Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection
12. Marija Ilickovic, assistant director of Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
13. PhD Vanja Asanovic, director of Metrology Office,
14. Miodrag Perovic, director of Institute for Standardization,
15. Ranko Nikolic, director of Accreditation Body,
16. Assisting professor Mladen Vukcevic, executive director of the University Mediteran,
17. PhD Milan Perovic, the Quality Board of the Government of Montenegro,
18. Nada Medenica, director of the Ecotoxicological Examination Centre,
19. Vojin Zugic, the president of the Trade Board at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro,
20. Predrag Segerec, commercial manager of „Voli“,
21. Dusan Kankaras, director of RJ „13. jul - Plantaže“,
22. Branko Zugic, director of Geological Survey,
23. Dragan Nenezic, president of the Association of Agricultural producers.

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