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Cost of ATA carnet

The cost of the carnet depends on the way of transport to the country of temporary import and the value of the goods stated in the request. 

Payment for ATA carnet 45 €
The price of a sheet 1, 20 €
Value added tax 0%
Insurance premium 0.3% of the total value of goods
(min. 15 €)
Note: the insurance premium is related to the insurance obligation to pay customs duties, not to the insurance of goods in transport or against caused damage, theft etc.
Taxes on insurance premium of 9% on the premium amount (on the minimum amount of insurance premium of 15 00 euros tax is 1.35 euros)
Payment method
Following the completed request and statement, the cost of the carnet is calculated and the invoice is issued on the basis of which the payment is made in one of the branches of banks or post office.

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