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Chamber’s department

The Chamber’s department shall be established within the Chamber for performing professional, administrative and auxiliary activities. 
The Chamber’s department shall be operated by the Secretary General of the Chamber.
The Chamber’s department shall consist of organizational units performing the activities for the needs of Chamber members and its bodies and authorities.
The Chamber’s department shall consist of the following organization units: 

• Cabinet of the President
• Sector for Common, Legal, and Financial Affairs
• Sector for Foreign Economic Relations
• Sector for Education and Training
• Sector for Analysis and Research
• Service for Information, Public Relations and Marketing
• Quality Management Service
• Project Management Service
• Transport Department

The cooperation between the organizational units of the Chamber’s department of the Chamber shall be realized through the exchange of analytical and information materials, establishing of joint working groups to handle certain issues and prepare appropriate materials, mutual consultations and other. The Chamber’s departmentin processing and preparation of materials for the needs of the Chamber cooperates with professional services of business organizations, agencies and organizations in the state and with other professional and specialized institutions and organizations.

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