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The Chamber's Courts

The Court of Honour and the Arbitration Court which are independent in decision-making operate at the Chamber of Economy.

As a form of extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes, in accordance with special regulations, the Board for extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes operates at the Chamber. 

The Court of Honour 

The Court of Honour shall decide in proceedings against companies and other members of the Chamber for violations of good business practices in mutual business relations and in foreign trade, violations which harm the unity of the market or enable monopolistic activities in this market. 

In certain circumstances, the acts of the Chamber’s members which harm other enterprises and business organizations, elude ratio legis and other pieces of legislation may be deemed as violations of good business practices.

The Court of Honour shall decide on the issues concerning the violation of the Statute, the Code of business ethics, decisions and other acts of the Chamber bodies of whose breach certain measures may be imposed.

The Arbitration Court

The Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro shall be an independent and autonomous institution which provides administrative support in resolving domestic economic disputes and disputes with an international element in accordance with the Arbitration Rules before the Arbitration Court at the CEM and other rules and procedures on which the parties reach agreement. 

The parties may agree to apply Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) to resolving disputes before the Arbitration Court.

Proceedings before Arbitration Court shall be conducted in a way to avoid unnecessary delays and costs, and ensure a fair and efficient settlement of the dispute. 

The arbitration decision shall be enforceable and binding for the parties.

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