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Bilateral agreements

Free Trade Agreement between Montenegro and Turkey

Montenegro and Turkey on 26 November 2008 in Istanbul signed the asymmetrical Free Trade Agreement in favor of Montenegro. After the ratification process of the agreement entered into force on 1 March 2010.
On the date of entry into force of the agreement the Turkish market is fully liberalized industrial products originating in Montenegro.
Full liberalizaciia Montenegrin market for industrial products originating from Turkey will perform on January 1, 2015, because it is set for gradual liberalization as follows: for a number of products is the application of agreed tariff rate of 0% on the effective date of the agreement, the other product groups will be liberlizovana third the application of the agreement and for a number of products was agreed liberalizacia after 1 January of the fifth year after the entry into force.
Llista agricultural products is fairly limited - Turkey gave concessions to Montenegro to: Tariff 1902 (pasta), 500 tons - EU treatment; Tariff 2007 (jams) 300 tonnes - 30% discount compared to MFN; Tariff 2204 (wine), 2500 hl - 75% discount compared to MFN.
Products that Montenegro gave concessions to Turkey are: Tariff 0713.40 (lentils), unlimited - with a rate of 0% and tariffs 0813.10 (dried apricots), 100 tons - with a rate of 0%.

Free Trade Agreement between Montenegro and the Russian Federation

Montenegro applied bilateral free trade agreement signed between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Russian Federation on August 28, 2000, and ratified on May 9, 2001.
In recent years, lead the negotiations on further liberalization of trade, and within them, and negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan and Belarus, which are from 2010, together with the Russian Federation formed Carinksu Union, it was necessary to provide the same terms of exports and imports as agreed with the Russian Federation.
The benefits of "innovation" agreement with Russia would be multiple: Montenegrin producers will be able to, under preferential conditions in the market of over 160 million people, placing much greater number of goods than it was in the applicable agreement. This especially applies to wine, cured meat products, confectionery, chocolate and beer, since these are products that have not been agreed upon liberal trade regime.
Also important is the fact that Montenegro, in addition to Serbia, the only country that applies the Free Trade Agreement with Russia, which is exclusivity, which will be directed by foreign investors to a greater extent start production in Montenegro and thus provide for their products free access to these markets.

Free Trade Agreement between Montenegro and Ukraine

Free Trade Agreement between Montenegro and Ukraine signed on 18 November 2011 and entered into force on 1 January 2013. The signing was preceded by the completion of negotiations for WTO membership. This agreement constitutes the basis for further expansion of trade in goods and services, as well as the removal of trade restrictions.
In terms of market access of goods, Ukraine has been granted free access to the Montenegrin market, both for agricultural and industrial products. On the other hand, Ukraine has approved Montenegro almost completely free market access for goods. From the free trade regime is exempt small number of products including: fresh, chilled or frozen pork, liver and other svijnske, then freeze and cuts and offal, of the poultry, pork fat and sugar.
In the area of market access services, Ukraine has approved a slightly higher level of liberalization than the one agreed with all other members of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Namely, Montenegro is Ukraine approved the opening of services relating to the distribution of energy, opening services relating to the transport of gas, fuel and other commodities, and further liberalization of the road transport sector - passenger, cargo and ancillary services in road transport.
The rules of origin with Ukraine are regulated by bilateral agreements, and the basis for their definition of the Pan Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin of goods.

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