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About Montenegro

Montenegro is in many ways an interesting and unique part of the globe. For centuries it exists as the state on a turbulent area of the Balkan Peninsula. By its geographical features it is full of amazing contrasts. The two farthest points are connected by only 190 kilometers of the airline, and between this space it seems as the North Pole and the Equator meet each other. Hence, Montenegro is regarded as both the continental and mountainous country. There are 40 lakes, while its rivers are still the purest in Europe.

Almost 80% of the territory of Montenegro consists of forests, pastures and meadows. There are 2883 plant species and subspecies that is, almost a quarter of the European flora is represented on only 0.14% of the continent, as occupied by the territory of Montenegro. Five national parks and a number by law protected objects of the nature cover one-third of Montenegro and protect very rich and diverse flora and fauna, with some species and examples that can be found only here. Montenegro is the country of natural rarities. It has one of two European rain forests, the southernmost fjord in the world, the largest lake in the Balkans, river with the deepest canyon in Europe and the second in the world.

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